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Truck Tonneau Cover Guide

Choose your truck brand to get started

How to find the right tonneau cover

We make it easy to choose the right tonno cover for your truck. We’ll take you through step by step and explain what you need to know along the way.

First, select your truck brand. Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, Ford or GMC. We only sell tonneau covers for real American trucks.

Second, you’ll choose the series of your truck. There are minor variations in styles for half ton, three quarter ton and larger trucks. We’ll make sure you get the right one.

Then you’ll choose the year and body style of your truck. This allows us to get more specific about the fitment of the cover.

Next you’ll choose the bed length. If you don’t know your bed length, don’t worry, we have instructions on how you can measure and figure it out.

Last, you’re given a list of tonneau covers made only for your truck. We’ll give you options for snap-on tonno covers, hook and loop (Velcro®) attachment and hard rail attachment.