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Build A Fuel Efficient Truck

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Increase Fuel Mileage and Boost Horsepower!

These and other helpful hints are available in the book The Gas Mileage Bible, by Kenny Joines and Ron Hollenbeck. (paperback)
   Help make your truck as Aerodynamic as possible by reducing aerodynamic drag. Tonneau covers also add a level of security & privacy by keeping your cargo out of sight.
   For more efficient combustion, which will help fuel mileage and low to mid range power from Airaid.
   Coupled with a reusable aftermarket air filter these systems
allow a larger volume of air with a lower intake restriction. This
efficient air delivery system will help increase fuel efficiency
while adding horsepower. We have a wide variety of intake
systems available from Airaid, K&N and AFE.
   If your truck now "inhales" efficiently, it also needs to exhale efficiently. Lower resistance Catalytic Converters, headers and exhaust systems will increase fuel efficiency while boosting your horsepower.
   Designed to increase horsepower & performance, many of these devices also have "valet" limited settings, which will allow you to control who "puts their foot down" in your truck.
   Using high performance spark plugs will increase an engine's efficiency while boosting power. We also carry high performance ignition wires and distributor caps for improved performance.
   You get all the advantages of an electric engine-cooling fan-quicker warm-up, quicker cool-down, additional horsepower and torque, and quieter operation (AND you get the ease of a custom made installation). All the mounting hardware for these fans have been custom made to fit your particular vehicle-make and year. It just makes it that much easier to choose Flex-a-lite products.

Keep your Truck Fuel Efficient

Make your vehicle as Aerodynamic as possible:
Remove any racks or cargo containers that add extra wind resistance when not in use. Always drive with your tailgate up. Scientific studies have proven that the "tailgate down" method is a myth. The best choice is to get a tonneau cover for the least amount of wind resistance, and added security & privacy for bed storage.

Optimize Fuel Quality and Delivery: Quality fuel will keep your injectors performing as efficiently as possible. Keeping fuel from evaporating is another way to save fuel. Make sure your gas cap is not leaking. You can lose up to 30 gallons of fuel by evaporation each year!

Reduce the weight of you Vehicle:
The more weight you have on board, the more fuel you will use. Remove all unnecessary cargo from your truck. If you don't need your tools and work supplies on your weekend trip, remove them to save the weight.

Always keep your tires inflated properly:
Tire pressure is the single largest factor you can immediately control to maximize mileage. Low tire pressures increase rolling resistance, which can cost you fuel mileage and increase tire tread wear.
» Click here for tire pressure gauges & accessories

Make Sure Your Wheels are aligned:
Misaligned vehicles use more gas, and cause uneven tire wear which will cause you to have to replace tires more frequently.

Maintain your Truck with Regular Service:
Service your vehicle regularly and use the lowest viscosity oil that will protect the engine given the seasonal operating temperatures. The more viscous (thick) the oil, the harder the engine has to work to continually power the oil pump to circulate the oil through the engine.
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